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Electronically Stored Evidence for Efficient Claim Management in Court Cases


Full-length Node Storage and Blockchain Demonstration Video - 11 min

Full-length Protocol Demonstration Video - with Live Node Storage and Retrieval Demonstration - 16 min

Strategic Electronic Evidence and Claim Management EXPLAINED

Strategic claim management is the practice of handling legal assertions and demands using a systematic plan until a desired result is achieved. The Worldlaw system (found at the website OneLaw.Us and Worldlaw.eth found on a .eth enabled browser) implements a strategy that includes sets of methods that are initiated, executed, and recalled to satisfy the claimant’s goals. Each claim managed on the Worldlaw system holds an array of digital documents that represents the evidence, claims, and demands that a court considers in adjudicating a claim.

Digital evidence used in the OneLaw.Us system includes images, scans, audio, video, and other electronic information that may be encrypted (based on the claimants goals) and permanently stored on a decentralized storage management system. The resulting index tables and records generated from the third party storage providers is managed in the OneLaw.Us system under the WorldLaw.eth protocols. The core protocols are Worldlaw.eth, Swarmers.eth, Tidbits.eth, MyEvidence.eth, and BlackBoxLaw.eth: